A printer is a device

A printer could be a device that accepts text and graphic output from a laptop and transfers the data to paper, sometimes to straightforward size sheets of paper. Printers vary in size, speed, sophistication, and cost. In general, Fuji Xerox Phaser 3160N Driver Printer dearer printers area unit used for higher-resolution color printing.

Personal computer printers will be distinguished as impact or non-impact printers. Early impact printers worked one thing like associate automatic character-at-a-time printer, with a key placing associate inked impression on paper for every written character. The dot-matrix printer was a well-liked low-priced notebook computer printer. It's a control printer that strikes the paper a line at a time. The known non-impact printers area unit the inkjet printer, Epson L800 Epson L800 Printer of that many makes of low-priced color printers area unit associate example, and therefore the electrostatic printer. The inkjet sprays ink from associate cartridge at terribly shut vary to the paper because it rolls by. The electrostatic printer uses a irradiation mirrored from a mirror to draw in ink (called toner ) to chose paper areas as a sheet rolls over a drum.

The four printer qualities of most interest to most users are:

Color: Color is very important for users WHO got to print pages for displays or maps and different pages wherever color is an element of the data. Epson TM-T70 Color printers also can be set to print solely in black-and-white. Color printers area unit dearer to control since they use 2 ink cartridges (one color and one black ink) that require to get replaced when a particular variety of pages. Users WHO haven't got a particular would like for color and WHO print plenty of pages can notice a black-and-white printer cheaper to control.
    Resolution: Printer resolution (the sharpness of text and pictures on paper) is sometimes measured in dots per in. (dpi). Most cheap printers offer comfortable resolution for many functions at 600 dpi.
    Speed: If you are doing a lot of printing, the speed of the printer becomes vital. cheap printers print solely regarding three to six sheets per minute. Canon MF6500 Drivers Printer Color printing is slower. dearer printers area unit a lot of quicker.
    Memory: Most printers go along with alittle quantity of memory (for example, one megabyte) that may be swollen by the user. Having over the minimum quantity of memory is useful and quicker once printing out pages with giant pictures or tables with lines around them (which the printer treats as an oversized image).
PCL (Printer Command Language) is associate escape code language wont to send commands to the printer for printing documents. Escape code language is questionable as a result of the escape key begins the command sequence followed by a series of code numbers. Hewlett Packard originally devised PCL for matrix and inkjet printers. Since its introduction,HP Deskjet 5440 HP Laserjet Deskjet 5440 it's become associate business normal. different makers WHO sell power unit clones have traced it. a number of these clones area unit excellent, however there area unit tiny variations within the means they print a page compared to real power unit printers. In 1984, the first power unit Laserjet printer was introduced exploitation PCL. PCL helped modification the looks of low-priced printer documents from poor to exceptional quality.

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